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Maurizio Mancioli is an Italo-Swiss visual artist based in São Paulo, Brazil. His works include photography, painting, drawing, video and performance. As a reflection of his own nature, his works examine states of isolation, memory, as well as reality and fiction.

Maurizio was born in 1970 in a family of artists, in Lausanne, Switzerland. Since he is a kid, he has a gift for drawing and photography, and his dream is to be an artist and a designer.

Feeling the need for a more practical background, he decides that the art career can wait, and studies business administration. In 1994, he moves to Brazil to found BSP-Business School São Paulo, Brazil’s first private graduate business school.

Since 2002, he studies art and philosophy, and starts producing. He shows his works in museums and galleries in Brazil and abroad, such as: Funarte-SP, MAM-Rio, Le Lieu (Canada), Roch Gallery (Switzerland).

Creator of the Acquabox, a device that combines art and therapy.

Owner and host of PARAHAUS, his house and a multi-disciplinary contemporary art facility.

Founder of Art Thinking, a theory and methodology dedicated to teach to non-artists how to develop leadership and innovation skills, through the rescue of their artistic intelligence.

author of the book “O Executivo Artista” (Executive and Artist), published by Campus-Elsevier

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